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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Top Ten Posts of 2012

The beginning of a new year inevitably cries out for lists related to the accomplishments of the past year and plans and prospects for the coming year. The researcher in me suggested that it was a good time to see which of the more than 300 items I had posted in 2012 had been viewed most often. So, here is the top ten hit list:

1. By a pretty wide margin and not too surprising since it came out early in the presidential race: "Demographics of the Republican Primary"

2. You won't live forever: "Will You Still be Alive for Your 50th HS Reunion?"

3. European demography is a big issue: "Germany Contemplates a New Family Policy"

4. China almost always elicits interest: "Chinese Condom Market Heats Up"

5. Another example of that: "Can India Catch Up With China?"

6. This is a seriously sad and complex situation: "The Demographics of Conflict in Syria"

7. Issues of Aging always attract attention: "Aging Populations Slow Economic Growth"

8. Another item about the US election: "The Demographics of the 2012 Presidential Election"

9. An important and very interesting topic:  "Religion and the Role of Women in Society"

10: And, finally: "The Ongoing Myth of a Fertility Implosion"

I hope you enjoy this walk down the demographic memory lane of 2012, and I hope that 2013 treats you and all of us very well.

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