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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Congratulations to Professor Wendy Manning

Wendy Manning has been elected President-Elect of the Population Association of America, and of course a big round of congratulations is due. The PAA has a very useful practice of presidents serving on the Board for three years--first as President-Elect (as Wendy will be officially as of 1 January 2017, replacing Amy Tsui of Johns Hopkins, who is the current President-Elect), President (currently Judith Seltzer of UCLA, to be followed by Amy Tsui) and Past-President (currently Steven Ruggles of the University of Minnesota, to be followed by Judith Seltzer--and so it goes). The three-year span on the board provides a broader scope of the discipline and more opportunities for input than might otherwise be the case. You can get a feel for that by reading the oral histories of Past-PAA Presidents that I and the other members of the PAA History Committee have put together over the years.

Wendy is Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Co-Director of the National Center for Family and Marriage Research at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. She and her colleagues have produced a lot of really important research over the years, as I have noted in this blog, and as you can see by visiting the Center's website. Please join me, then, in congratulating Professor Manning.

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