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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Top Ten Posts of 2013

The New Year is always a good time for reflection on the year that just ended, to be followed by plans for the coming year. As I did last year, I have taken the time today to see which of the more than 300 items I posted in 2013 have been viewed most often. Here is the top ten hit list:

1. By a very wide margin, the  most popular story was about the birth rate in Egypt:

2. Mexico's population projections based on a drop in fertility to replacement level along with rising life expectancy received considerable interest:

3. The stop in the drop in the US birth rate also was a popular topic:

4. The whole issue of replacement level fertility got a lot of attention:

5. The PopQuiz on which country might be demographically the "worst" (answer: Niger) caught a lot of people's eyes:

6. A story about the results of the Moroccan Demographic and Health Survey showing a decline in fertility was sixth on the list:

7. Evidence that life expectancy in Russia might be on the way back up was seventh on the list:

8. Are rich countries on the cusp of a baby boom? I think not, but some economists in Canada put that idea out there...

9. The plight of older people in a rapidly changing South Korea was ninth on the list:

10. India's demographics winds up the top ten, with my comments on the incorrect analysis by The Economist on the differences in the Indian and Chinese labor forces:

Enjoy this walk down the demographic memory lane of 2013, and I hope that 2014 treats all of us very well.

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