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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Top Migration Stories of 2013

If you look along the side of this blog post, you will see the number of postings associated with each chapter of my text. Migration has the highest number, at least at this moment. This is obviously an important demographic issue, and so it is very interesting to see what the Migration Information Source of the Migration Policy Institute in Washington, DC. thinks are its biggest migration stories of the year. Here are the top ten:

The first one is especially interesting because it delves into the increasing complexity of migration in the modern world. As I read it, though, I immediately thought of Doug Massey's "Perverse Laws of International Migration," especially these two:
1. Immigrants understand immigration better than politicians and academicians.

2. Because they understand immigration better than policy makers, immigrants are often able to circumvent policies aimed at stopping them.
Just when we think we understand what's happening out there, migrants come up with something new...

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