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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The UK is Tightening its Immigration Belt

The new government of David Cameron in the UK has already introduced a variety of austerity measures to bring the government's budget under control. The latest move in this direction is to restrict the number of immigrants, based on the idea that some categories of immigrants are a burden on the welfare system.
Public anxiety over immigration — and the burden on public services caused by new arrivals — was a key issue during the country's national election, when then-leader Gordon Brown was angrily challenged by an elderly voter over workers arriving from eastern Europe.
Home Secretary Theresa May told the House of Commons that the number of non-EU nationals permitted to work in the U.K. from April 2011 will be capped at about 22,000 — a reduction of about one-fifth from 2009.
Work permits reportedly account for about 20 percent of immigrants, while the immigration of family members accounts for another 20 percent and students make up the remaining 60 percent. There will likely be future restrictions on student visa admissions. Additionally, there will be an English language requirement for people seeking to enter the UK through a marriage visa.

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