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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Trump Effort to Limit Immigration to U.S. is Top Migration Story of 2017

The Migration Information Source of the Migration Policy Institute in Washington, DC is indeed the migration information source. It has become over the years the go-to place for global migration issues. Today they came out with their Top Ten list of migration stories for this past year. If you click on each separate link you will find the details:
  1. Under Trump Administration, United States Takes Steps to Narrow Legal Immigration
  2. Surge in Violence Against Myanmar's Rohingya Spurs World's Fastest-Growing Refugee Crisis
  3. European Leaders Pursue Migration Deals with North African Countries, Sparking Concerns about Human Costs
  4. Trump Administration Makes Down Payment on Campaign Pledges to Address Illegal Immigration
  5. As Displacement Becomes Long-Term, Refugee Hosts Grapple with New Normal
  6. In Wake of Cuts to U.S. Refugee Program, Global Resettlement Falls Short
  7. Increased Focus on Forced Return of Migrants and Asylum Seekers Puts Many in Peril
  8. Despite Progress on Brexit Negotiations, Fate of Millions of EU and UK Nationals Still Hangs in the Balance
  9. Nativism Goes Mainstream, Moving the Needle on Migration Policy
  10. In Latin America, Spike in Migrant Arrivals Prompts Flurry of Responses
I have blogged about the top three on the list, but not so much on the other seven. Time to get caught up!

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