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Friday, July 11, 2014

The Hot Population Stories of the Past Year

Today is World Population Day, and I am going to use the occasion to list the top 10 stories from this blog over the past year, based on the number of hits on each page. The list is as follows:

The top story--#1--is about the origins of the term demography is destiny:
Who First Said "Demography is Destiny"?
and the followup to that story:
The Origins of "Demography is Destiny" Revealed

#2--Delay in Marriage a Key to Fertility Decline in Arab Societies

#3--Moroccans Applaud Their Fertility Decline

#4--World Cup Offers its Migration Lessons

#5--PopQuiz: Which Country Has the "Worst" Demographics?

#6--US Birth Rate Stops its Decline

#7--The Coming Baby Boom?

#8--When Deutsche Bank Talks About Fertility Rates, Should We Listen?

#9--Playgrounds for the Elderly: Spain Prepares for an Aging Society

#10--The Dismal Demographics of Puerto Rico

While there is a range in the themes, fertility-related posts get the most hits. Of course, the longer a post has been out there, the more hits it might get, so here is the top 5 list from just the past month:

#1--World Cup Offers its Migration Lessons

#2--Youth Bulge Going to Waste in Gaza

#3--Population Growth and the Mess in the Middle East

#4--Demographic Lessons from the World Cup

#5--Thoughts on the American Reaction to Women and Children Crossing the Border


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